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Submitting Add-ons

Submitting add-ons is as easy as:

  1. Forking the marketplace repository
  2. Placing the JSON file of your addon into the category folder
  3. Opening a pull request

After submitting a pull request your add-on will be reviewed within 1-2 weeks. If we need you to change anything we will use the request changes feature on GitHub to do so. If you don't fix the issues within a week, or they can't be fixed we will close the pull request.

Submission Guidelines:#

  • No add-ons that harm the user experience (e.g bright flashing lights)
  • No NSFW or unethical content
  • No spam or "meme" entries
  • Images must be hosted on one of the following sites: Imgur, ImgBB, Postimages, Shopify, Discord CDN (please contact us if you are having trouble hosting your images)

Repeatedly submitting add-ons that violate the guidelines will result in your GitHub account being blocked from our repositories.